I am a brand ambassador & designer, social media marketer, photographer and stand-up comedian and emcees for special events. 

Based in Brooklyn, with an extensive media and marketing background, my clientele includes large corporate entities to small start-ups. My favorite thing to do is to help create and establish identities for emerging businesses, and photographing people, families and interesting nooks and crannies in the city.

My style of  photography is a very natural and candid approach.  I love capturing authentic expressions of babies, kids and adults. My most fulfilling experience is when a client tells me that I've captured beautiful photos of their children.  I work with children of all ages, including newborns, babies, toddlers and have a very patient and personal approach to working with children with special needs. As a mother myself, I understand how to work with over-active children or kids who are shy with the camera. I use my goofy sense of humor to help make my clients be in their most comfortable and relaxed zone. Then all the magic just happens from there!

Apart from design and photography, my other big love is comedy. I craft my stand-up according to my audience with the same consistent delivery. I love getting in front of an audience and ease a tension and connecting strangers through comedy. Laughter is a key connector - I use it in my photography, working with my clients and getting up on stage and hosting any size of events. I'm always up for collaborating with other creatives and comedians; the zanier the idea, the better. Contact me if you have an idea or want to brainstorm a session together or need a host for your event!

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